The Dirk Gently comics (IDW Publishing)

Dirk Gently Comics (IDW publishing)

In October 2014, US comics publisher IDW Publishing announced that Dirk Gently will be appearing in his first-ever comic-book series in 2015.
The first series (consisting of 5 episodes) and titled “The Interconnectedness of All Kings” has been written by Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief and creator/writer of series such as Zombies vs Robots, Groom Lake, and The Hollows. The artist is Tony Akins (Fables).
As in the BBC TV series previously, Dirk Gently in the comics doesn’t look like at all Douglas Adams’ description of his character. Also the comics takes place in America.
Two big changes that didn’t prevent the comics from being a nice critical and public success.
The second series of the comics titled “A Spoon Too Short” (one of the alternative names of the unfinished “Salmon of Doubt”) has been announced at the end of 2015. It is written by Arvind Ethan David and the artist for this second series is Ilias Kyriazis.
In October 2016, the two first comics are published in DIRK GENTLY’S BIG HOLISTIC GRAPHIC NOVEL. Containing the two stand-alone series and bonus material showing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the DIRK GENTLY TV show.
The third series has been announced in August 2016. The title is “The Salmon of Doubt” (and this series will feature Todd, a character played in the TV series by Elijah Wood).


The Interconnectedness of All Kings

“In his first-ever comic series, Dirk has been forced to leave his beloved England behind, coming to the too-sunny, too-cheery, and altogether too-bizaarre-even-for-Dirk city of San Diego, California, where he gets embroiled in three separate (or are they?) cases involving reincarnated Egyptians, golden cell phones, and copycat killers. All this in a new town seemingly incapable of making even a single proper cup of tea.”

Writer : Chris Ryall

Artist : Tony Akins

1st episode – Published May 20, 2015 / Preview

2nd episode – Published July 8, 2015 / Preview

3rd episode – Published August 26, 2015 / Preview

4th episode – Published September 30, 2015 / Preview 

5th episode – Published November 18, 2015 / Preview

Paperback collection – Published January 26, 2016

A Spoon Too Short

“A Spoon Too Short is Dirk Gently’s most baffling and incomprehensible case. Inspired by the tantalizing alternative title for the Dirk adventure Douglas Adams was working on prior to his death, written by Arvind Ethan David and executive produced by Max Landis, A Spoon Too Short follows the continuing adventures of the world’s weirdest detective.”

Writer : Arvind Ethan David

Artist : Ilias Kyriazis.

1st episode: Published February 03, 2016 / Preview

2nd episode: Published March 02, 2016 / Preview

3rd episode: Published April, 2016 / Preview

4th episode: Published May, 2016 / Preview

5th episode: Published June, 2016 / Preview

Paperback collection – Published October, 2016

The Salmon of Doubt

“Plagued by nightmares about a childhood he never had, Dirk returns to Cambridge University to seek the advice of his former tutor, the time-traveling Professor Reg Chronotis. There he discovers that a holistic detective can have more than one past, and his adventures have only just begun… Featuring favorite characters from the original books as well as the cast from the TV series, including Elijah Wood.”

Writer : Arvind Ethan David

Artist : Ilias Kyriazis.

1st episode : Published October, 2016

2nd episode : Published November, 2016

3rd episode : Published December, 2016

4th episode : Published January 2017

5th episode : Published February 2017

6th episode : Published March 2017

7th episode : Published April 2017

8th episode : Published May 2017

10th episode : TBC

11th episode : TBC