Here are some reviews of BBC America “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” pilot (note that some critics have seen the first three episodes)


7/10. “The first episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency goes for tone and formidable chaos over story, crash-dummying us into the world of the show with little regard for audience exhaustion. There’s an admirable quality to that, and the performances are all fun and fitting, but there’s little at work here to tether us emotionally.”


“Given that very little of the narrative coheres and few characters make lasting impressions, it all becomes exhausting very quickly…  All in all, “Dirk Gently” tries to be about half a dozen shows at once, and none of them rise to the level of adequate.”


“The show reels you in like Adams at his best, almost daring you to turn away, and there’s something of a sideways shot at the air of superiority that has become too common in American “plot-twisty” efforts. It is the best thing on television right now though, or you’ll absolutely hate it.”


“By default, the inherent strangeness that permeates every square inch of the ambitious Dirk Gently makes it an interesting deviation from the norm of the television landscape. So it’s rather unfortunate that it’s rather clumsy, with wildly changing tone, as the action unfolds. Very little about the show’s first hour seems to make any sense as characters are introduced with little to no explanation.”


You pretty much have to opt in and just go with it to get Dirk Gently, but television needs absurdist/escapist fare that’s not just dumbed down by the networks but has a sense of ambitious fun.


“Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency won’t be for everyone, for a large part due to the intentional slow burn of how everything fits together in the narrative. The series also walks a line of silliness and camp, mixed with some dark tones and moments of horror that create an odd dynamic that might turn off some. Most importantly, if the show doesn’t nail the dismount on the payoff of all these bizarre story threads, the ride to that point will be an even more frustrating one.”


“3,5/5. For the pilot however, I have to go with 3 and a half stars – because I only have the word of Dirk Gently that everything is connected. Right now it just seems very hectic and crazy, and while it was fun, and I know from Utopia that its going to be one hell of a crazy journey, It was weird as hell XD. It will take some getting used to for people who are used to normal TV shows. This is not Elementary, this is not Sherlock, and if you haven’t seen Utopia, there really is no show that has this same level of craziness. Maybe Weeds…”


“There’s promise in Dirk Gently’s third episode, which starts to introduce the larger presence and conspiracy at work, but it takes a lot of patience from the audience to get there. In the end, we’ll have to wait and see if all those connections branch into something worthwhile.”